Cyber Security

The UA-ARC is affiliated with the University of Arizona in providing the gateway to the University’s resource enterprise in the area of cyber. Cyber security touches all areas of research within the University. The UArizona conducts basic and applied research from design development and prototyping in cyber security to securing databases, networks, telecommunications, mobile telecom and information infrastructure.

Our Cyber Competencies

Big Data and data analytics

Aligning institutional expertise and computational resources to solve cutting edge data-driven research endeavors for our DoD and Industry partners.

cloud computing

The UArizona Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center concentrates on research in advanced distributed computing as part of the National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers program.

Virtual Learning Environment

Leveraging the use of a cloud based learning environment, the UArizona provides world-class cybersecurity training to students all over the world.

Social engineering

Don’t get hooked! Research is conducted on the human element of security. Malicious attackers exploit the vulnerabilities in human behavior to gain access or retrieve information.

Cyber Security Facts

The cyber security research being conducted will help organizations like the Department of Defense create stronger, more reliable programs to combat cyber criminals. Cyber attacks can occur in the medical industry, agriculture, military, and more. During the next five years, cybercrime might become the greatest threat to every person, place and thing in the world. With evolving technology comes evolving hackers, and we are behind in security.



Most companies take nearly 6 months to detect a data breach



Unfilled cyber security jobs worldwide will reach 3.5 million by 2021



By 2020 there will be roughly 200 billion connected devices



Cybercrime damages will reach $5.9 trillion annually by 2021

Cyber Security Laboratories and Research Centers

UA-ARC has access to dozens of laboratories and facilities in the realm of cyber security. The facilities focus on a range of cyber-related research topics such as bioimaging, cloud services, GIS mapping, and national security.

Awards in Cyber Security

NSA Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations (CAE‑CO)

NSA/DHS Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research (CAE‑R)

NSA Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE‑CD)

DIA Intelligence Center of Academic Excellence

Cyber Security News

CyVerse Receives $1.3M to Provide Cyberinfrastructure and Training for New NSF Artificial Intelligence Institute

CyVerse will provide computational infrastructure, data science and education to integrate the efforts of other partners of the NSF’s new AI Institute for Resilient Agriculture.

Nearly $6M will help UArizona grow national cybersecurity workforce

Daily life is happening increasingly online, and there aren’t enough cybersecurity professionals in the U.S. to keep everyone safe online.

That’s the basic problem that nearly $6 million in new funding will help the University of Arizona’s nationally renowned cyber operations program to address in the coming years.

The UArizona College of Applied Science and Technology, where the program is based, received the funding in the fall from Arizona’s Technology and Research Initiative Fund. The voter-supported fund helps the state’s three public universities address issues critical to the state or larger society, including workforce development.


NETCOM Partners with University of Arizona

FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz,-As the Department of Defense (DoD) continues to expand its partnerships with institutions of higher education and the private sector, Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) and Fort Huachuca are partnering with the University of Arizona (UoA) to leverage technical expertise and further accelerate the innovation of emerging technologies.


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Nestor Garcia, SrA Air Force SBG John Schulz, LTC Army SBG
Jonathon Hicks, AM2 Navy SBG Anca Selariu, LT Navy SBG, RA
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