Our Interns

Our ROTC and SkillBridge interns support the UA-ARC mission
and goals by assisting with various projects and assignments.

Past Interns


Sheridan Aleksick Army ROTC Steve Carson Army ROTC
Samantha Garn Army ROTC Kendall Johnson Army ROTC
Jeffrey Northcutt Air Force ROTC Kyle Perry Air Force ROTC
Alisha Pestana Air Force ROTC Sydney Postle Navy/Marine ROTC
Alexis Quets Army ROTC Donovan Rommel Army ROTC
Isaiah Horton Army ROTC


Cameron Bedard, Ssgt Air Force SBG Dayanara Munoz, 1st Lt Air Force SBG
Angel Benavides, SrA Air Force SBG Ethan Olson, Sgt Marine SBG
Chad Brady, MSgt Air Force SBG Jesus Osuna, SMSgt Air Force SBG
Steven Burr, LTC Army SBG Ashley Patterson, SSgt Air Force SBG
Anne Cabada, Cpl Marine SBG Jason Polk, LTC Army SBG
Jacqueline Cunningham, SMSgt Air Force SBG Brandon Radford, SSG Army SBG
Jada Davis, SSgt Air Force SBG Lauren Roddy, SSgt Air Force SBG
Logan Ganal, SrA Air Force SBG Joseph Sacci, CW5 Army SBG
Nestor Garcia, SrA Air Force SBG Beverly Santos, MSgt Air Force SBG
Jonathon Hicks, AM2 Navy SBG John Schulz, LTC Army SBG
Charles Hennings, SSgt Air Force SBG Anca Selariu, LT Navy SBG
Luciano Hernandez, SPC Army SBG Erica Spradling, SSgt Air Force SBG
Melanie McKinney, MSgt Air Force SBG Rachel Thompson, Capt Air Force SBG
Ian Nash, Capt Army SBG Matthew Yeary, TSgt Air Force SBG
Kayla Holmes, Maj Air Force SBG Steve Watchers, CW2 Army SBG
Matt Butt, Col Army SBG

Main Office
1600 East Idea Lane
Suite 401
Tucson, AZ 85713



RRC Office
101 North Wilmot Road
Suite 101
Tucson, AZ 85711



Washington, D.C. Office
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20004



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